17 agencies increase salary of new Indonesian maids

Indonesian maids

SINGAPORE: About 17 maid agencies in Singapore have increased the salary of new Indonesian maids. But others are undecided.

Meanwhile some employers are concerned the agencies which have agreed to the pay rise are trying to control the market.

But the 17 agencies maintain that the salary increment from S$380 to S$450 a month is to compete with Hong Kong and Taiwan in attracting more Indonesian maids to work in Singapore.

Currently, the salary for an Indonesian maid in Hong Kong is about S$600, with Taiwan offering about S$800.

But smaller agencies Channel NewsAsia spoke to said that attracting Indonesian maids to Singapore has not been a problem, and so they have not decided whether they will follow suit.

Some employers also questioned whether the practice goes against anti—competition laws in Singapore.

When contacted, the Competition Commission of Singapore said it could not advise whether the practice is anti—competitive or not without first conducting a thorough investigation.

— CNA/ir