Fake Lady Gaga earphones being sold in neighbourhoods, online

The real earphones (L) and the fakes.

SINGAPORE: Earphones by eccentric pop icon Lady Gaga sell for about S$240 but its Singapore distributor says fakes are floating in the market at a fraction of the cost.

To the expert, it is easy to tell the difference.

The real deal is brighter and the sound quality is sharper.

However, fakes in shops in HDB neighbourhoods as well as online, are going for as little as 20 dollars and the distributor is worried that the public may be conned into paying full price for fakes.

"The consumer has to look out for the warranty card, which is issued by our company, (which is the sole agent and distributor for Singapore). We offer an agent warranty of three years for this product. Whereas shops that sell an imitation will offer about six months in—shop warranty," said Christine Tan, General Manager of Hwee Seng Pte Ltd.