ACJC students in trouble over leaked sex video(AP file photo)

ACJC students in trouble over leaked sex video

An uproar caused by a controversial sex video featuring two first-year female students in a toilet in Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) has led to the duo leaving the school, The Straits Times reported Friday.

The steamy video featuring a tryst between the two girls in one of the toilet's cubicles was filmed secretly by other students. It was circulated to several others in the school, the paper said.

At least nine current and former ACJC students knew about the incident, it added.

A second-year student, who admitted to have watched the video on his friend's mobile phone, said he could not bring himself to continue watching the rest of the clip. "What I saw disgusted me," he was quoted as saying by The Straits Times.

The illicit rendezvous is said to have taken place last month. It is not clear whether or at what point the girls knew they were being filmed.

One of the duo is said to have been transferred to another junior college and will continue her studies next year, the paper added. Others involved in the controversy have reportedly faced disciplinary actions, including some being stripped of their positions in co-curricular activity groups.

The principal declined to comment further when asked if the school helped the girls to secure places in another school.

The incident is said to be the first such case involving the school.

However, in 2008, a video of an ACJC student tied up and having food stuffed in her face was widely circulated across the internet, creating a massive stir online.