World’s top women bodybuilders to compete in Singapore

Suharni Mohammad

SINGAPORE : Singapore plays host to the World Women Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship for the first time later this month.

The event will see 50 top bodybuilders taking part.

39—year—old bodybuilder Suharni Mohammad was active on the competition circuit a decade ago.

Now, she is making a comeback for the world championships and to do Singapore proud.

"It took me six months to prepare for this particular competition — 6 days a week of training, 405 times cardio workout and watching what I eat, especially the nutritional part — that’s the hardest part," said Suharni.

Newcomer Akane Gushiken is not letting her inexperience come in the way.

The full—time personal trainer is vying for honours in the Model Physique category.

She said: "Being new on this, I have to do my best in order to be able to compete at the same level, and to bring the best I have on stage. I’m sure I can do it."

And it’s not all about competition.

One of the contestants, Sharmila Tanapasthy said: "Bodybuilding or strength training helps one reduce the risk of osteoporosis by having denser bones. It helps lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels and you will definitely look better.

"And when you look better, you feel better about yourself, and therefore it boosts one’s confidence levels."

Organisers are also confident the event will be a hit.

It will be held in conjunction with the Asian Bodybuilding and Sports Physique Championships and the Southeast Asia Men’s Junior and Senior Bodybuilding Championships.

The event will be held at the University Cultural Centre from September 29 till October 4.

"These events have been held in Europe. So we thought we could have it in Singapore. (We’ve got) facilities (and) good infrastructure," said M Letchmenon, president of the Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.

Singapore last hosted a major international bodybuilding competition back in the 1980s. It was the Mr Universe World Men Championship in 1983 and six years later the World Masters competition. — CNA /ls