More wet weather in Singapore for the week: NEA

SINGAPORE : Expect more wet weather in Singapore for the rest of the week.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said Tropical Storm Chanthu is expected to make landfall in Southern China on Thursday.

This may bring wet conditions to the region, including Singapore.

Short duration showers with thunder are expected, mostly between the late morning and afternoon.

A moderate Sumatra squall is also likely to affect Singapore either on Thursday or Friday morning.

NEA said heavy rain warnings may not lead to floods.

There are many factors leading to floods, including rainfall intensity, flood water runoff, location and the capacity of drains.

Still, the public can be prepared.

The public can obtain the latest weather reports, including heavy rain warnings.

They can also tune in to radio broadcasts, call NEA’s weather forecast hotline at 6542—7788, access the mobile weather service which is available at Weather@SG (, or visit the NEA website at

To alleviate the flooding problem, the PUB has installed more than 30 sensors in key canals to track water levels.

This information will be made available on PUB’s website by early August.

The number of sensors will be increased to 90 by year’s end to cover all major waterways and flood—prone areas.

An integrated early warning system will be completed within the next few months.

Drainage improvement works in flood—prone areas are also being brought forward.

Meanwhile, the authorities are working with businesses affected by the spate of recent floodings in Singapore.

Sandbags have been placed at these premises as a temporary measure, while building owners have been advised to look into installing permanent structure to alleviate flooding within their premises. — CNA /ls