Man killed wife then takes own life in prison

By Shaffiq Alkhatib

A 45-year-old China national hanged himself while he was remanded in Changi Prisons Complex, pending trial for his ex-wife's murder.
Yu Qiangguo, killed 41-year-old Mdm Wei Hong on 26 June last year. 

He was charged with her murder the next day. 

Yu hanged himself on 20 September last year while his three cellmates were sleeping. 

The Coroner's Court heard that Yu had hanged himself with a strip of brown cloth tied to a pair of similarly coloured shorts. 

The shorts were secured to some wire meshing with two toothbrushes. 

Inspector Alvin Phua Kia Jong from the Criminal Investigation Department's Special Investigation Section told State Coroner Victor Yeo that the toothbrushes were standard ones issued to inmates. 

Inspector Phua also said that all inmates are issued with three sets of clothing - each set comprising a white shirt and a pair of brown shorts. 

The strip of brown cloth was found to be made of the same material as the inmates' shorts. 

However, Yu's clothes, as well as those worn by his cellmates showed no signs of tampering. 

Inmates' clean clothes are issued at random on a daily basis.

The State Coroner has recorded a verdict of suicide in Yu's death and that Madam Wei was murdered. 

The self-employed woman was stabbed to death in her own flat following a scuffle with Yu. 

The pair had tied the knot in 1991 but she divorced him in 2006. 

Yu tried to salvage the marriage after this. 

However, Madam Wei was cold towards her former husband and constantly rejected his efforts to bring the family together. 

His calls to her often resulted in quarrels. 

According to court documents, after several of these disputes, Yu made up his mind to kill his ex-wife. 

The pair is survived by their son, 17-year-old Yu Wei, who's currently being cared for by a family friend.