Oil spill hits Changi Beach car parks 1—4: NEA

SINGAPORE : The oil spill has now reached the areas between Car Parks 1 to 4 of Changi Beach.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) says as of 10am Saturday, light staining of parts of these beaches were observed.

Workers were deployed immediately to clean up the oil stains.

Meanwhile at Chek Jawa, oil absorbent booms and paddings were deployed at the parts affected yesterday. These have helped to keep the oil spill out of Chek Jawa.

There were no immediate signs of major damage to the Chek Jawa eco—system, but NParks is monitoring the situation closely.

Nparks says it is encouraged by the show of support from the public for Chek Jawa.

Many people have asked if they could volunteer their help.

However, given the fragility of the eco—system at Chek Jawa, NEA says its preference at this stage is to work with volunteers familiar with the area or those who have the necessary expertise.

NEA is also in consultation with the NUS’ Raffles Museum Biodiversity Research and Tropical Marine Science Institute.

In the meantime, Chek Jawa is still open to visitors, but guided walks have been suspend in the next two weeks for the agencies to monitor the situation better.

NEA and the ship operator AET have also mobilised over 245 workers to clean up the oil on the affected beaches and 14 NEA officers are continuing with surveillance at East Coast Park, Changi Beach and Pulau Ubin.

The newly affected parts of Changi Beach have been closed and signages have been put up to warn the public not to go into the water.

The beaches along East Coast Park are still closed.

So the public’s advised to refrain from swimming and engaging in water activities in these areas. — CNA/jy