AWARE wants Budget 2013 to focus on reducing social inequality

SINGAPORE: Women’s rights group AWARE wants Singapore’s Budget 2013 to focus on reducing social inequality and providing more support for families.

It said both are urgent concerns, in light of the widening income gap, fertility issues and an ageing population.

AWARE said an inclusive budget must extend state support for all, especially those who need it most.

It has submitted 18 recommendations to the government, highlighting concerns about gaps in five key areas: healthcare, needs of the elderly, support for persons with disabilities, support for caregivers and social mobility.

AWARE said a more systematic approach to social spending is needed.

It said the budget must support low—income and vulnerable groups through universal measures.

These include comprehensive healthcare insurance for all, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, without discriminating against those who are unemployed or low—wage earners.

— CNA/al