New app teaches maids how to care for elderly

SINGAPORE: With an increasingly ageing population, some maid agencies said more Singaporeans are hiring maids to take care of elderly relatives.

A new app, called Medically Informed Minders, will teach maids how to better care for their elderly employers.

They’ll be able to pick up specific skills and common medical knowledge related to caring for those suffering from illnesses such as stroke or dementia.

For example, learning to help the elderly relax their muscles with massage.

There are about 20 modules — each taking about 20 minutes to complete.

The app is free but it costs S$200 to take the course and eligible employers can offset the cost through the Caregiver Training Grant, once the online test at the end of the training course has been passed.

The course will also allow employers to take the virtual route to qualify for the Foreign Domestic Worker Grant — which is a S$120 monthly government grant that subsidises the cost of caring for the frail elderly or disabled.

Usually, employers put their maids through physical courses to qualify for the grant.

— CNA/ck