WSH Council urges industries to ensure safety of workers

SINGAPORE: The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council has urged industries in Singapore to stay vigilant and ensure the safety of workers at all times.

This follows the Jurong shipyard accident, which saw 89 workers injured.

The council’s deputy chairman, Heng Chiang Gnee, said the accident serves as a reminder that all companies with established systems in place, cannot take safety for granted.

He said companies need to be mindful of the forseeable risks and take measures to reduce hazards.

Mr Heng added: "We must never let up on safety or leave anything to chance. The safety of each and every worker is and must remain the key goal of every company and every stakeholder. We wish all the workers affected in this accident a speedy recovery."

According to Mr Heng, the council will visit the shipyard to offer help.

Mr Heng said the visit will allow the council to better understand the specifics of the case and what more could be done to avoid a recurrence.

"We would like to share possible learning points within and across industry as soon as possible," he added.

Industry stakeholders who need help to improve their workplaces’ safety and health management are urged to find out more on various assistance programmes and resources on the WSH Council website at

— CNA/lp