PM Lee answers top 10 questions asked on SINGAPOLITICS, among them cost of living

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today addressed the 10 top questions which received the highest votes on the website and said he enjoyed answering them. 

Writing on his Facebook page, Mr Lee said Singapolitics received some 400 emails containing the questions which gave a picture of the concerns and interests of Singaporeans. 

Among the issues posed - healthcare affordability. 

Mr Lee said there's a need to show people that they have enough in the 3 Ms - Medisave, Medishield and Medifund. 

Turning to the cost of living, Mr Lee said there are three reasons why it has gone up. 

First, prices have become expensive. 

People's spending habits have changed with rising expectations. 

And lastly, there are the big ticket items like housing and COE prices. 

Mr Lee stressed one important decision of the government is that it has kept taxes low for middle income earners.