New combat uniforms for air force & navy personnel

Personnel of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) will soon receive new combat uniforms, commonly known as No.4 uniforms. 

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said on Thursday that the change will be made in phases, over the next three years. 

For RSAF servicemen, the No.4 uniform will replace the current RSAF coverall for Air Force Engineers. 

Air Warfare Officers in the Command, Control and Communication community, as well as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilots and Systems Specialists, will wear the No.4 uniform during duty. 

For RSN servicemen, the No.4 uniform will replace the Naval Combat Rig, worn by personnel on board ships, at naval bases and in base defence squadrons. 

The new No.4 uniforms will debut at this year's Singapore Armed Forces Day Parade and National Day Parade. 

Active servicemen will start getting their uniforms in the later part of 2012. 

Operationally-Ready National Servicemen will be progressively equipped from 2013. 

To meet the varying demands of the 3rd Generation Singapore Armed Forces' (SAF) operating environment, the SAF introduced a new combat uniform for Army servicemen in 2008. 

MINDEF said the change for RSAF and RSN servicemen is part of the SAF's continuing effort to enhance survivability and operational effectiveness.