Updated: 01/23/2014 20:03

Anton Casey's comments were 'deeply offensive and unacceptable': Shanmugam

Anton Casey's comments were 'deeply offensive and unacceptable': Shanmugam

Law and Foreign Minister K Shanmugam says he's glad that the community had come together to condemn British national Anton Casey, who had referred to commuters on public transport as poor people on his Facebook post. 

Posting on Facebook, Mr Shanmugam says like many Singaporeans, he was "terribly upset and offended" by what Mr Casey had posted. 

Mr Shanmugam says it was "deeply offensive, wrong, and unacceptable." 

He says those who have done well in life should always be looking out for others - especially the less well-off or needy. 

Mr Shanmugam says that's basic human decency. 

Instead he says Mr Casey showed contempt. 

Mr Shanmugam says having money and a Porsche does not automatically mean that one is superior. 

Character is important.

Mr Shanmugam noted that Mr Casey has attempted to apologise to Singaporeans. 

But some feel that the manner of his apology showed a lack of sincerity. 

And Mr Shanmugam thinks there's some basis for thinking that. 

At the same time, he hopes that Singaporeans will not attack or flame Mr Casey's family because of his actions. 

MR Shanmugam says we, Singaporeans, can be bigger than that.

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