Updated: 12/16/2013 21:25

All MediaCorp TV channels now available in digital broadcast

All MediaCorp TV channels now available in digital broadcast

MediaCorp announced today that all its seven free-to-air TV channels will be broadcast in digital (DVB-T2 format). 

In addition, four out of the seven channels - Channel 5, Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham - will be broadcast in High Definition (HD) while the remaining three channels - Channel NewsAsia, Channel U and okto - will be upgraded to HD by 2016

In a statement today, MediaCorp also said residents in Bukit Batok will be the first in Singapore to receive these channels as the estate is now covered by the new digital broadcast infrastructure. 

Over the next two to three years, coverage will be expanded progressively to enable all residential homes to receive digital TV signals. 

MediaCorp Deputy CEO Chang Long Jong said, "Besides better picture and sound quality, digital TV allows MediaCorp to consider rolling out other value-add services and features for the discerning audiences of today such as closed captions and multi-language subtitles." 

"With digital TV, MediaCorp will also be able to offer time-shifted services, which will provide an alternative choice for viewers who miss out on their favourite TV programmes due to work or lifestyle commitments. More information on these value-add services will be announced soon," Mr Chang added. 

Residents in other estates who currently use outdoor antennas to receive their free-to-air TV channels can also tune in to MediaCorp's seven digital channels.

The public can continue to receive free-to-air TV channels in analogue broadcast as existing analogue TV signals will continue to be broadcast alongside the digital TV signals for at least another two years. 

Media Development Authority's Director of Digital Broadcasting Deployment Office) Ling Pek Ling said "The world is transitioning from analogue TV to digital TV. Beyond enhancing the TV-viewing experience, the migration to digital TV will also free up scarce radio spectrum for other services such as high-speed mobile Internet access." 

"MDA will work closely with our industry and community partners to facilitate a smooth nationwide transition from analogue to digital TV," Ms Ling added. 

Information on digital TV, including the digital TV rollout plan, is available atmediacorp.sg/digitaltv

More information on digital TV is also found be at the MDA website.

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