Updated: 06/27/2014 18:35

Air purifiers efficient in cleaning air under haze conditions: CASE

Air purifiers efficient in cleaning air under haze conditions: CASE

A test of ten air purifiers by the consumers association, CASE, has found that all of them performed efficiently in cleaning the air under haze condition. 

The removed more than 98 per cent of suspended particles which could be breathed in and almost 100 per cent of Volatile Organic Compounds. 

CASE advised consumers to compare prices and performance of air purifiers between brands before deciding on which brand and model to purchase. 

In anticipation of the haze returning, CASE also conducted a survey on N95 face masks to determine their availability in the market and to monitor the current retail prices. 

The survey was triggered by feedback about the drastic increase in prices of face masks during the haze last year, where the price of a N95 face mask shot up to as high as $8. 

It showed that there're a wide variety of face masks in the market from authorised retailers with reasonable prices ranging from $1.38 to $3.90 for each mask. 

Although there are a large variety of cheaper face masks offered for sale online or at unauthorised retailers, CASE advised consumers to be cautious and refrain from purchasing from these unreliable sources, especially when the quality of the face masks is not assured.

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