Updated: 08/26/2014 01:38

AIC launches New IT programme for nursing homes to boost productivity

AIC launches New IT programme for nursing homes to boost productivity

Nursing homes will soon be able to rid themselves of tedious and repetitive administrative tasks. 

They'll be taken over by an IT system developed by the Agency for Integrated Care or AIC which automates processes and documentation. 

The system is called the Nursing Home IT Enablement Programme or NHELP. 

Lynda Soong is the Chief of Community Care Development Division at AIC. 

"This NHELP is integrated. It functions in one system so it makes for easier management. It's also a one time data entry. At the point of an admission of the resident, you enter the data of the resident one time and it will be automatically in other modules of the system. It's time saving and accurate."

Ms Soong says the system will also be connected to AIC's Integrated Referral Management System and the National Electronic Health Record. 

AIC plans to implement the system at 36 nursing homes by 2017 at a cost of $6.5 million.

So far, nine nursing homes have said they want to be part of NHELP. 

Among them is Bright Hill Evergreen Home. 

Its Chief Executive Officer Joe Ong says the system will improve communication between his staff and the social workers. 

"Currently, we are still very primitive, we are still using hard copies of forms and files. When the nurses want to communicate with the social worker, they have to pass reports. For example, this resident is very angry and social worker has to understand why. With the system, the social work will have more real time understanding on what's going on and as all these records are kept."

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