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81% of eligible voters have cast votes by 5pm

81% of eligible voters have cast votes by 5pm

81% of eligible voters have cast votes by 5pm

SINGAPORE: By 5pm, 81 per cent of eligible voters in Punggol East have cast their votes to choose a Member of Parliament in a four—cornered by—election on Saturday.

Queues started forming at the polling centres even before they opened.

And once the ballot boxes were ready, voting got underway at 8am at 10 polling stations.

Close to 31,650 Punggol East residents are expected to cast their votes throughout the day, though many of them said they were at the polling centres early so that they could carry on with the rest of their activities after voting.

"I’m trying to rush to work because I start at 11 o’clock. So I come down early, and it’s not such a long queue at the same time," said Chia Seah Meng.

Another voter, Rohhana, said: "I have to rush, send my baby to my mother’s house and then rush to work."

Special arrangements were made for those with special needs.

Ruzida Abdul Latiff said: "They were kind enough to give me the express lane, so I’m a bit faster."

Residents Channel NewsAsia spoke to said they took their vote seriously.

Joshua Ramalingam said: "It’s me (doing) my part for this country so it’s my vote that counts. My parents had their time to vote numerous times, so I think now it’s really my time to really think about it and make the right choice."

"We are exercising our right ... may the better person who may deliver the needs of the people be the overall winner for the election," stated Krishna Rajah Rethnam.

The four candidates were spotted at various polling stations during the day.

Dr Koh Poh Koon from the ruling People’s Action Party, Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam from the Reform Party, Mr Desmond Lim from the Singapore Democratic Alliance and Ms Lee Li Lian from the Workers’ Party made their rounds to observe the voting process.

After nine days on the campaign trail, one of them will fill the post vacated in mid—December by Mr Michael Palmer of the People’s Action Party and represent the ward in Parliament.

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