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5 teachers receive the Outstanding Youth in Education Award

5 teachers receive the Outstanding Youth in Education Award

Five teachers received the Outstanding Youth in Education Award at the National Institute of Education or NIE Teachers' Investiture Ceremony today.

They were lauded for their enthusiasm, energy and active involvement in youth development.

The winners were picked from some 900 teachers.

Two of them shared their inspiring stories with us.

34 year-old Mohamed Ashiq started out as an engineer after graduating from the university.

But engineering was never his calling. 

Two years into his job, he quit to join the NIE to train as a teacher. 

Now in his sixth year of teaching, the Physics teacher at Pasir Ris Secondary School's always looking for creative ways to help his students to learn better.

And so he performs magic tricks to keep his students interested. 

"For the start of a few chapters we do a few magic tricks. At the end of the lesson. we try to use physics concepts in order to ascertain the magic." 

But it's not all fun and games. 

Ashiq is also the school's discipline master, and holds his students to high standards. 

He says his approach is to be firm but fair. 

"I always ask myself how can i show this student, if he gets his attitude right, then his life will improve in a way that he would value it. So long as i am able to make the student understand that with that attitude he is able to value add his life, then I think I am successful."

Another award recipient is 29 year-old, Lin Xiaojun from Chestnut Drive Secondary.

The Head of Department for Student Development advocates holistic education. 

Xiaojun has initiated Values-in-Action projects in which students make regular visits to the elderly in Marsiling Sunlove Centre. 

She also organises yearly trips to village schools in Cambodia. 

This programme is into its fifth year, and is targeted at at-risk students. 

"Basically this group of students could have irregular attendance at school. Or probably got into some trouble with the school rules or also with the law.// It's not easy. We need to persevere and talk to them. We had to let them realise that instead of spending two weeks in Singapore and hang out with their friends, do something more meaningful overseas, get to experience a different culture, get to experience interacting with the children in Cambodia." 

As a result, the trips have strengthened the rapport between the students and their teachers. 

The five award-winning teachers will each receive a trophy and citation certificate. 

They will also be attending a fully sponsored overseas professional development programme. 

-By Lim Jia Qi

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