Updated: 08/07/2014 01:02

3%-10% pay hike for nurses

3%-10% pay hike for nurses

Some 23,000 nurses in the public healthcare and the Intermediate and Long Term Care sectors can expect an annual pay increment of 3 to 10 per cent in their monthly base salaries for two years. 

The increments will be given in October this year and next year. 

They will also be receiving a new Nurse Special Payment of 0.5 month annually from December. 

This comes after the government accepted the recommendations submitted by the National Nursing Taskforce. 

The taskforce was set up in 2012 to look into ways to make the nursing profession more attractive. 

Speaking at the Nurses' Merit Award ceremony, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong says the pay review is recognises the expanded roles nurses play. 

"With an ageing population and rising incidents of chronic and more complex conditions, nurses have increasingly taken on greater roles and heavier responsibilities such as instituting first responder interventions, active patient and caregiver education, specialised nursing treatment and management of chronic diseases."

The taskforce made 15 wide-ranging recommendations. 

The eligibility criteria for the part-time bridging course will be revised to allow more Enrolled Nurses who are trained in the Institute of Technical Education to upgrade themselves to become Registered Nurses. 

The 2.8 GPA requirement will be removed. 

Instead, they can qualify for the course with at least three years of nursing experience and a testimonial from their employer.

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