Updated: 04/15/2014 01:33

37% of foreign domestic workers get weekly rest day

37% of foreign domestic workers get weekly rest day

More than one in three or 37 per cent of foreign domestic workers enjoy a weekly rest day. 

And three in five receive at least one rest day per month. (61%) 

This statistics were compiled after the Manpower Ministry completed interviews with over 2,000 foreign domestic workers or FDWs who arrived in Singapore last year. 

That was after a new law was implemented, making it mandatory for employers to give their FDW a weekly off day. 

In contrast, a 2010 survey showed that only 13 per cent of FDWs received a rest day each week. 

And about one in two had at least one rest day per month. (53%) 

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Manpower Hawazi Daipi gave these statistics in Parliament today. 

In the months leading up to the new regulation, his Ministry had carried out an extensive public education campaign for employment agencies, employers and workers. 

Besides an information kit, rest day implementation guides were also mailed to employers' households. 

Employment agencies were given a template for written rest day agreements between employers and FDWs. 

"A rest day provides FWDs a reprieve from their duties, much like how all of us Singaporeans need a break from our work. Ultimately, this will contribute to more well-adjusted FDWs who can better perform their jobs benefiting our Singaporean families."

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