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3 in 5 Singaporeans engage in online activities while watching TV: Survey

3 in 5 Singaporeans engage in online activities while watching TV: Survey

3 in 5 Singaporeans engage in online activities while watching TV: Survey

SINGAPORE: About three in five Singaporeans check their emails, use social media or shop online while watching TV at the same time, which highlights both the rising influence of digital devices in people's lifestyles here and the still-strong appeal of traditional TV sets, said research firm TNS.

TNS released its report on Thursday (July 10), stating that 61 per cent of Singaporeans take part in "screen stacking" - defined as the act of watching TV and engaging in other digital activities simultaneously.

By contrast, the global average for screen stacking is 48 per cent and Japan lead the trend with 79 per cent, the report stated.

"This constant connectivity across multiple devices has come to the fore during the FIFA World Cup in recent weeks," said Mr Joe Webb, Head of Digital at TNS Asia Pacific.

"People the world over are engaging with the event in various ways across different devices - watching it on TV, tablet or mobile, whilst also engaging in conversations on social media. It's a perfect example of how screen-stacking behaviour has really taken hold."


Traditional TV sets continue to play a huge part in Singaporeans' lives, despite the rise in demand for online content and consumption. About 70 per cent of Singaporean respondents sit in front of the goggle box every day, just slightly less than the global average of 75 per cent, the report stated.

TV dinners are also a hit here, with 67 per cent of viewers in Singapore watching TV and eating at the same time in the evening. This is less than the global average of 76 per cent, it added.

Media companies are taking note of the screen stacking trend, with on-demand services such as MediaCorp's Toggle and SingTel's mioTV Go allowing people to access content wherever they are via their phones or tablets, TNS said.

"It's no surprise that people in Singapore are leading the trend in screen stacking - strong legacy PC ownership and a real appetite for the latest gadget, coupled with strong island-wide data access has given us the ability to be online anytime, anywhere," said Mr Jon Foged, Managing Director of TNS Singapore.

TNS studied the digital attitudes and behaviours of more than 55,000 Internet users across 50 countries. The fieldwork was undertaken in all markets between March and June this year, the company stated. - CNA/kk

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