Lam Sai-Wing's precious commode // Swisshorn Gold Palace, Hong Kong (Swisshorn Gold Palace)

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Lam Sai-Wing's precious commode

Our golden plunger award goes to the Golden Bathroom at the Swisshorn Gold Palace in Hong Kong (a city keen on plush toilets, we're beginning to see) where you can do your business on a 24-karat solid gold toilet. Improbably inspired by the Communist icon Vladimir Lenin's vision of gold toilets for the masses, the jewellery mogul Lam Sai-Wing decided to build a commode out of the pure precious metal.

His metallic obsession snowballed with the creation of an entire suite made from six tonnes of gold. Although the dramatic increase in the value of the precious metal has led to much of the structure being melted down and sold, thankfully the golden throne has been spared.