13 May 2013 18:00
Richard Branson 'sacked' from flight attendant job

We too think the Virgin boss should stick to his day job

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Passengers on board an AirAsia flight from Australia’s Perth to the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur on Sunday were greeted by a disturbing sight - British billionaire Richard Branson in drag.

The Virgin boss had to dress as an air stewardess after losing a Grand Prix bet with the budget carrier’s founder, Tony Fernandes. The pair made a bet during the 2010 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi that whoever's Formula One team - then Virgin and Lotus - finished that season lower would serve as a cabin crew on the other's airline.

Branson was prepared for the task ahead and gamely shaved his legs to show them off in black fishnet stockings that he donned under his fitted red uniform.

His job scope included helping with the pre-flight safety demonstration - though he made a mess of it – as well as serving meals and beverages to passengers.

“I've always wanted to work as cabin crew - but I've never had a boss, so didn't take too well to Tony's orders. Moments after getting onto the flight, I ‘accidentally’ spilled a whole tray of drinks over him. ” wrote Branson on his blog.

He later made it up to Fernandes by spoon-feeding him his dinner.

Though Fernandes said Branson graduated as an AirAsia cabin crew member "with flying colours", Branson was given his marching orders straight after the flight.

Money from ticket sales for the flight will be donated to Starlight Foundation, a children's charity in Australia.

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