05/08/2013 16:30 | By Reta Lee, Chua Chern Toong, May Ng, MSN Malaysia

EXCLUSIVE: Anwar Ibrahim to go ahead with rally

Opposition leader Anwar speaks to MSN exclusively on electoral fraud and meeting Malaysians tonight, the first public outing since the 13th General Election.


Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is bent on fighting to return the 'stolen elections' from the people, and said the 'Suara Rakyat, Suara Keramat' rally will go on tonight despite objections from Malaysian police. This comes after Barisan Nasional won 133 parliamentary seats at the 13th general election to form a simple majority government, despite an outcry from the public that the elections were rigged, with widespread online reports on phantom voters, vote buying and gerrymandering. MSN Malaysia had the chance to speak to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hours before the stipulated rally takes place. In our interview, he said he will be delivering a speech to the Malaysian people tonight.

About tonight’s rally, what will the rakyat expect from you?

We will tell them the real facts in terms of what actually happened, and how the election was stolen. Photographs or video clips of foreigners found to be voting, ballot boxes stuffed with votes, and discrepancies in terms of numbers. And the actual number of those who are not eligible to vote and other related issues.

You have previously mentioned that you have and are gathering actual evidence of electoral fraud. Do you see any possible recourse coming from the Election Commission (EC)?

Well, we do not expect the EC to do much. But I think with public awareness and pressure, they will be forced to take some minimal actions. The most important thing is public opinion on the entire matter.


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