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Timeline: Sex blogger Alvin Tan's shot at fame

A lookback at the beginnings of "Sumptuous Erotica"

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17 October 2012

Even as they were denounced by an overwhelming number of critics, Alvin Tan, 24, and Vivian Lee, 23, claimed that they had done nothing wrong.

In a self-made video posted by Tan on YouTube on Oct 17, the couple – this time fully dressed – explained that they took the blog offline “because of family pressure”.

When asked by a “fan” if they had plans to make an apology, Tan said, “What do we have to apologise for? For hurting your soft sensitive feelings? For what?”

The NUS law scholar added that they “will continue doing what we love doing… (but) won’t continue (the blog) again so soon from now”.

NUS told local media on the same day that Tan, who is on leave of absence and not receiving scholarship funds, has been served a notice of Board of Discipline (DOB) inquiry. According to its spokesperson, the university will take appropriate disciplinary action and Tan has also been advised to take down the offensive posts.

“I know…if you’re not a Singapore national and you committed a crime outside of Singapore then you are basically scot-free,” Tan reportedly said earlier. “I don’t think I’ve contravened anything based on my own legal knowledge.” He added that he was prepared to face the consequences when they come.

Local netizens demanded his expulsion from the university and the revocation of his government-funded scholarship.

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