10 February 2014 16:45 | By Alyssa Woo, xinmsn
Japan's heaviest snowstorm in 45 years

Tokyo recorded 10.6 inches of snow by late Saturday, the heaviest fall the capital has experienced in 45 years

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According to meteorologists, Tokyo recorded 10.6 inches of snow on Saturday, a record fall the capital of Japan has experienced in 45 years.

While it may sound like a romantic winter wonderland, the snow wreaked havoc on roads and transport. Local media reported 11 deaths as a result of their cars skidding on the icy roads.

At least 1, 253 people were injured across the country when they slipped on the ground or fell while shoveling snow off their roofs.

Electricity was also affected, with more than 20,000 households cut off from it on Sunday. More than 400 domestic flights were cancelled, in addition to at least 740 flights being grounded. This resulted in almost 5,000 people being stranded at Narita airport on Sunday.

A severe snow storm warning was issued to residents in Tokyo early Saturday, urging them to stay indoors.

Above, bicycles chained out in the streets are blanketed with snow. Heavy snow struck Tokyo and other areas across Japan on Saturday.

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