Woman spotted pooping outside MRT station (Photo: Zul)

SINGAPORE : You know the saying, “When you gotta go, you gotta go”? Well, this woman did, right outside Holland Village MRT station.

According to eye witness Zul, he was walking past one of the MRT station exits on Tuesday when he spotted the woman squatting with her pants down.

Initially he thought she was “crazy”, but later noticed there was faeces on the ground.

“From afar, I shouted at her to stop but she just shouted some gibberish words that I don’t understand,” he said.

It was only when Zul approached her that he realised she was having diarrhoea and there was faecal matter all over the ground.

According to another eye witness, the woman looked to be in her 20s and was chatting loudly on the phone while doing her “business”.

She later left without cleaning up the mess.

"Maybe she had no choice... but think about it, [the] toilet [is just] nearby, maybe [she could] just control and run to MRT toilet," said Zul.