Legless body case: Suspects brought back to crime scene (Rasheed Muhammad, one of two Pakistanis charged with murdering Mr Muhammad Noor, was brought back to the crime scene on June 19.)

SINGAPORE: The two suspects involved in the legless body murder case were taken back to the crime scene on Thursday (June 19).

The two male Pakistanis - Rasheed Muhammad, 43 and Ramzan Rizwan, 25 - were brought to the scene by the police separately this morning.

The two Pakistan nationals had earlier been charged with the murder of 59-year-old Mr Muhammad Noor, which allegedly took place about a week ago.

Rasheed was brought to 6B Rowell Road at about 10.15am - where Ramzan, and the victim, were said to be living in a tourist lodge.

Dressed in a red polo tee and dark blue shorts, Rasheed was later brought to Syed Alwi Road where the bloodied luggage containing Mr Muhammad’s upper body was found by a rag-and-bone-man last Wednesday.

The suspect was seen pointing to what appeared to be blood stains along the pavement.

At about 11.35am, Ramzan, who was also dressed in a red polo tee and dark blue shorts, was also brought back to 6 Rowell Road. He was later brought to a Muslim cemetery at Jalan Kubor at about 12.15pm where Mr Muhammad’s legs were found in a piece of luggage last Thursday evening.

It is believed Ramzan and the victim had been staying in the place.

In response to police questioning, the suspect was seen pointing to a spot in front of a shop.

The duo is alleged to have committed the murder between June 10 at about 12.01am and June 11 at about 6.04pm at 6B Rowell Road, room 44. They were arrested at about 3pm at Rowell Road last Thursday, just two streets away from the gruesome find.

The two men were charged in court last Saturday for murder and remanded for police investigations. They will be back in court on Friday.

If found guilty of murder, they face the death penalty.


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