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Animals of the month 2013: January

Ponies pose in stylish Scottish sweaters

Shetland ponies in sweaters (© Rob McDougall Rex Features)
  • Shetland ponies in sweaters (© Rob McDougall Rex Features)
  • Lion and tiger cubs (© REUTERS Fabian Bimmer)
  • White lion close-up (© REUTERS Fabian Bimmer)
  • Husky eyes (© REUTERS David Moir)
  • Greedy hawk can't get up (© Steve Shinn Rex Features)
  • Grumpy panda (© REUTERS Herwig Prammer)
  • This dog has had enough! (© REUTERS Bernardo Montoya)
  • Fox cubs fighting (© Andrew Kandel Solent News Rex Features)
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Two Shetland ponies are pictured wearing stylish fairisle sweaters in the wilds of Scotland to promote tourism in the country. The natty knitwear was created for Fivla of Finnister (the white pony) and Millhouse Vitamine (black pony) by Shetland Isles native Doreen Brown.

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