18 October 2012 16:57
10 teacher-student sex scandals that made headlines

3. Student seduces teacher to win a bet

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3. Student seduces teacher to win a bet

In May 2012, the New York Post reported that an 18-year-old junior at the Manhattan Theater Lab High School won a bet with his friends to seduce their hot global studies teacher, 26-year-old Julie Warning. Eric Arty, who earned $500 (SG$600) for the wager, competed with his buddies for three months to see who could get to her first. Other students told the Post that Warning resisted the boys’ advances by kicking them out of the classroom whenever they turned up to flirt with her, but eventually fell victim to Arty’s charms.

The case received extra attention the next day when Gothamist wrote that Arty was toting around a copy of the Post with a picture of him and a woman – allegedly Warning – kissing on its front cover. According to Gothamist, Arty told other media outlets that he “really started feelin’ for the shorty.”

While Warning laid low after the story broke, neither party faced any legal consequences since Arty is above the age of consent.


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